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Navigating tomorrow’s workplace.

In an age of disruption, the office space leasing decision has become ever-more complex and business critical for occupiers. For office space owners, understanding the new dynamics of demand for office space has never been more important. Despite increasing workforce mobility via technology, human interaction at the workplace has become even more critical to business outcomes.

At Knight Frank, we bring professional advice to office space occupiers beyond leasing office space 

in meeting the increasing pace of innovation, transformation and agility necessary at the workplace to remain competitive in an age of disruption.



Reaching an informed decision.

As organisations respond to more collaborative and innovative work practices, the configuration, character and style of the workplace are essential in embodying this transformation.

At Knight Frank, we bring to the office space occupier a holistic process in bridging the gaps between the workplace of today and tomorrow, 

in balancing costs against needs that supports and influences a range of wider strategic considerations, such as productivity, brand promotion, the attraction and retention of talent.


3-Phase Strategic Process

It is clear that the office space leasing decision is one of strategic importance and more about people than brick-and-mortar.  Whilst a cost sensitive decision to make, its effects in shaping desired workplace productivity is priceless.


Matching the right spaces.

For the office space owner, cost sensitivity will shape the demand for office space but will not be considered in isolation by occupiers such that overall workplace productivity is compromised.

Apart from driving optimal density and comfort, adopting smart working practices and utilising complementary landlord communal amenities, scalability in space occupancy will be key to occupiers in navigating tomorrow’s workplace in an age to disruption.  

At Knight Frank, we understand occupiers and matching the demand for office space perfectly.

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