Asia Pacific
Regional Team

Anita Ghosal
Marketing Director,
Asia Pacific
T: +65 6429 3586

Rachel Loke
Head of Public Relations
T: +65 6429 3587

Nicole Lloyd
Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific
T: +65 6429 3531

Natalie Elliott
Marketing Executive
T: +65 6429 3584

Rodney Ng
Senior Designer
T: +65 6429 3593

Cindy Chua
Digital Marketing Manager,Asia Pacific
T: +65 6429 3593

In preparation for next week please complete the Have Your Say Brief. To help you complete the brief please watch the ‘Start with Why’ video by Simon Sinek. We are hoping to use this to shape the session further, the sooner you can return it to us the better.

We are also interested to know what people think of our company and our marketing, could you:

  1. Ask your family and friends what they think Knight Frank do? Email back exactly what they say
    to us.
  2. Share any client sound bytes you have to hand.