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Anita Ghosal
Marketing Director,
Asia Pacific
T: +65 6429 3586

Rachel Loke
Head of Public Relations
T: +65 6429 3587

Nicole Lloyd
Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific
T: +65 6429 3531

Natalie Elliott
Marketing Executive
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Rodney Ng
Senior Designer
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Cindy Chua
Digital Marketing Manager,Asia Pacific
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Conference will start on Wednesday 18th May at approximately 10:00am and end on Thursday 19th May mid-afternoon.

Dress code

Smart Casual - We will be doing an activity where we may get messy. Aprons will be provided but if you wish to change during the lunch hour you can.

Other Useful Information

Airport Transfers

When you arrive at Changi Airport it is very easy to get a taxi to your hotel. Depending on the time of day depends on how much it will cost, a taxi to the CBD should be between $20-$25.


May is a hot time of year in Singapore, light clothing and sun cream is recommended. However please do bring a light jacket or cardigan to keep you warm in the aircon and an umbrella in case we have a short downpour.

Getting Your Way There